10 November 2014

Are You A December Wedding Guest ?

Hola !

Finally ! We can see some hints of winter coming in and the Sun god decided to leave us for a while.

With the wedding season right around the corner, its time to start the prep work to attend these events. I think most of us already have ! But before you jump in and pick your outfits for the events, I think you should pause for a while and put some thought into what, where and when you will be wearing.

It is winter, Ladies ! So chuck all the short sleeves outfits aside and lets bring in the fully covered outfits which will not only keep us warm but also stylish. You are not the bride - so basically that gives more space to experiment ! And imagine you wearing sleeveless for an evening wedding in December. I am sure you dont want to wrap a shawl or something. So lets make the outfit more climate friendly - I would say. I am not asking you to completely wrap yourself around with wool.

Let the saree ( and your shoes and accessories ) stay as it is.  No one is stopping you from doing that. Go ahead and pick the saree you want to wear and pair it with a full sleeve blouse. This is the perfect time to wear something that is full sleeved. Here are some of the styles which can inspire you to wear one.

Rule No 1 : Pair a plain saree with an embroidery blouse. And go lighter with the accessories - skip the bangles, neck-pieces and wear statement earrings. If you are keen on wearing something around the neck, make sure it is extremely light i.e something like a thin chain that accentuates the neckline of the blouse. DO NOT wear anything heavy on the hands. Your blouse in itself is speaking volumes !

You need not run around designer stores for this one. If you know the right stores which sell saree borders in your city and karigars who can do that work for the blouse - you will get this for a steal and yet make heads turn.

Rule No 2 : If the saree has a design, then pair it with a plain blouse. Accessories are a must here - a cuff/bangles are mandatory. Make your own signature look by teaming your plain blouse with your mother's or grandmothers old bangle.

Vidya Balan could have totally avoided the purse which she was carrying here. I think it is not going with the entire look. Just saying !

If you think these are way too plain for the wedding and want to amp it up a bit, then try the shirt style long blouses. Anju Modi shows how to do it the right way ! A heavy embroidery with mute gold on the pastel colored blouses. If buying an Anju Modi is heavy on the budget, then get a local designer do the blouse for you. It is a bit complicated than the normal one - so I am not sure if you can trust any local tailor in getting this. Except for earrings, do not wear anything if you wear a blouse like this.

Ok ! For the REAL experimental one, try the jacket pattern. This one by Rahul Mishra is totally for you. For something like this, please copy-paste the entire look onto you. Do not change the pattern or saree draping style or evening adding accessories to this. It gets too messed up and one will be lost in the outfit. A little more or even a little less might spoil the look. 

Being a south Indian, I have a soft corner for my fellow south Indians. And for you my ladies, who love pattu sarees or infact have to wear pattu sarees for the wedding - we got you covered as well. Pick a fabric with kutch work/mirror work/kalamkari work on it and get a simple full sleeve blouse done. And you are done for the day ! See how Gaurang Shah added a twist to the Pattu sarees with these beautiful blouses.

Or are you the one who prefers to wear a half saree? Then by all means you can go ahead and do the full sleeve blouse. I love the sorbet colors that were incorporated by Golden Threads ( a boutique in Hyderabad).

Before going ahead and incorporating these styles into your outfit, think if you are comfortable in wearing one. Being comfortable in what you wear is most important than what is in trend at the moment or not. If you are comfortable and have the ease, you can even carry a totally mismatched outfit as well !

If want to know whether the full sleeve style is something that you are comfortable with - Try it once. Borrow from your friend or cousin if they have one and see if you are comfortable wearing it. Else, drape a saree with one of your full sleeve t-shirt. You will get an understanding of how it will look and you will be able to decide judiciously whether to spend or splurge on this winter wedding idea I floated.

As always,

Stay Happy.  

9 September 2014

Why should brides have all the fun ? Groom's guide is here !

What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say wedding? To me, the word is 'shopping' followed by decor, food, bride, fun, friends, dance,hectic etc followed by the unending list of  questions like these 'What should the bride wear for Mehendi, Sangeeth, wedding? What should be theme for sangeeth? Should we match the decor with the bride or do a contrast? Who would be the photographer? Should we place an order or do the DIY something as return gifts for guests ?'. My mind keeps wandering all over the place. And the last one on the list is 'Groom'. Quite frankly, this is how a groom shopping is.  We just go few stores which sell decent clothes for wedding - try few and pick one. That is it ! Nothing more ! I am talking here about majority of us and not about those few brides who puts lot of thought into it as well. Kudos to you girls !

5 September 2014

Did you hear SALE ? Proceed with caution !

I know you must be wondering "What the **** is she talking? Is she nuts?". Now let me complete my sentence. I am not talking about the retail stores of mass production companies and nor about the online stores. Because these people, when they say "SALE" they mean it. Even if they don't put the new collection on sale, the remaining stuff is still available to us for a cheaper price. Be it at 10% or 70% discount. It does not matter.

4 September 2014

The Great Indian sense of Humour

Hi Folks

All thanks to Bollywood, I have given up watching movies on big screen. I do not seem to comprehend the director's understanding of audience intelligence. I cannot skrink my IQ level for those three hours ! I conveniently shifted to YouTube to which I am now sort of addicted to. And the best part about YouTube , I watch it whenever and where ever I want to. I can pause it and if I like the video, I can watch it again. If I dont, I will skip to another. Whereas movies, grrhhhh - I am stuck to the chair for 3 hours ( sob sob !). The only thing I look forward to in the theatre is for the "Interval" to grab some popcorn.

1 September 2014

Hyderabad brides-to-be ! You cannot miss this !

Hola !

I know this has been quite a long time that something happened on this space. I will not make any "caught up with work and lot of travelling" excuses and be honest with you. I procrastinated this ! And there is no other valid reason. From September, you will see more coming up here in this space. And specially for the brides to be - bookmark us!

Time to stop my rant and getting straight into business!

All the brides to be from Hyderabad, here is some good news for you. Sabyasachi Hyderabad store is organising a bridal trunk show on the 4 and 5 September 2014 showcasing Sabyasachi's new bridal collection launched in August in the Indian Couture Week 2014. So all the girls who are getting married in October, November and December - make your appointments NOW ! You can take appointments by calling 040 66565156. The bridal trousseau is not only for the brides, it is for the grooms as well. I know men hate shopping ! But try to take them along as well. Do check their facebook page here for more details.