31 July 2014

New beginning - Blog Love

My love for blogs......
Up until an year ago, I never read a single blog on fashion, make up or beauty. Yes, I did read blogs but they are related to my work and studies. The moment I started reading beauty blogs, I was startled to notice how a blog  connects people across the world on to one platform. And I happen to tumble upon a blog when I was searching for some reviews on the shampoo that I was intending to buy.

Till then I only read reviews that were posted in online web stores where customers write their feedback on the product. But somewhere deep down I always thought that feedback was maintained by the company and they themselves write good feedback. Where as in the blogs people who review the products are common people who use the product, test it and write their take on the product. For example, I would buy a hair serum if a blogger posts pictures of her hair after using a hair serum than seeing an advertisement where a bollywood star poses with shiny, glossy, picture perfect hair-  because we all know that what we see in advertisements are photo-shopped pictures. Blogs I believe are more trusted and popular because of the honesty that bloggers bring in. And thankfully we have bloggers who do not do any sponsored posts !
I will be writing about the blogs that inspired me and got me addicted to them and most importantly sharing with you all to know what the blog is all about and what to look for in that blog. And what makes that blog special from others.
The first in the list is Peaches and Blush by Mehak. I adore her and her writing skills. When I say writing skills, I do not mean any flamboyant use of words or proper grammar with correct tense and punctuation. Try reading any article of hers in the blog ! It felt like I was sitting in a coffee shop with my friend ( drinking chocolate frappe with extra chocolate !) and somewhere in our discussions we end up talking about the new foundation she tried and she is telling me how the foundation is ! That is exactly how one feels when Mehak talks about a product ( as in the way she writes in her blog ! ). It is like having a conversation with your friend. It is refreshing ! After reading many many beauty blogs which follow a template of listing product ingredients, pros, cons, price blah blah - this one is like a breathe of fresh air.
Who thought an economics graduate can be a beauty blogger ? Yes ! You heard it right. She is an economist who quit her job to pursue her dream and working full time on her start up Wedmegood - Everything about weddings ! When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I will need atleast 10 more posts if I have to cover everything that Wedmegood does. And if anyone of you reading this is a prospective bride/groom or knows someone who is a prospective bride/groom, then this is the website you have to have to check out.
Blog love 1
Hope you enjoyed this post and lots more to come !
Stay happy and lots of love !