5 September 2014

Did you hear SALE ? Proceed with caution !

I know you must be wondering "What the **** is she talking? Is she nuts?". Now let me complete my sentence. I am not talking about the retail stores of mass production companies and nor about the online stores. Because these people, when they say "SALE" they mean it. Even if they don't put the new collection on sale, the remaining stuff is still available to us for a cheaper price. Be it at 10% or 70% discount. It does not matter.

Let me explain clearly - There is a dress I eyed on in Global Desi costing Rs 2500 in August. Today they declare a sale of 'upto 40%'. The moment I see the board with these magical four letters, I get restless. I walk into the store to realise that the dress I liked is now at 20% discount. So I get the dress for Rs 2000. Good deal ! And I walk away with the dress. Now this is what a sale is supposed to be. Same holds for the online stores as well. It is just perfect ! And absolutely no issues with it. Infact, we all love it !

Apart from these popular brands stores like BIBA, Global desi, W, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop etc in every city we also do have multi-designer stores which features collections of various fashion designers. Few such stores in Hyderabad are Elahe, Also, Project, Anahita etc. They usually stock clothes suited for occasional wear. To every store that I visit, I make sure I drop my number so that I get alerts whenever there is new stock or a sale. On 1 September, I get a message from 'Also' that they are up for a sale upto 50% discount. I get two messages daily from them about this sale of theirs. After having resisted myself for 3 days, I went to the store yesterday.

BTW, they usually stock clothes by Manish Gupta, Anju Modi, Myoho and the likes. As I walked in to 'Also', clothes are dumped in piles everywhere. And when I say pile, I mean a pile. Each and every dress has a price tag with earlier price and the discounted price. Once I started to browse through those piles, I realised that none of them are the clothes that they usually sell. They completely packed all the designer clothes and stored them inside and filled that place with these tacky ones which we would find in tiny local stores. It is not just Also who did like this, even Elahe too did the same in July. They loaded the store with clothes which I believe might have been brought from Kolkata.

Also and Elahe - You guys have good reputation. Why do you do these cheap tricks and stoop low for making extra money. Aren't you guys realising that it is impacting your brand?

So folks, the next time you see a sale alert something like this - just skip it. It is not worth your time.

Do let me know by commenting below if you have encountered a similar experience in your city as well.

Stay Happy.