4 August 2014

Vintage Blossom by ShopSnob

Hi friends !
How many of you here like iphones , obsessed about your phone and will not buy any phone other than an iphone ? Raise your hands! and  Welcome to the club !
I was someone who was never looking for anything in a phone. And shelling thousands of rupees or dollars was something that I never appreciated. Only until, I happened to get hold of an iPhone and got to use it.  November 2011 was when I first started to use it ( how I got hold of this is a long story ! I will share it later). I instantly fell in love with it. The delicate touch, sleek look, quality of pictures - almost everything about it.
Bottom line of all this - I love my phone and treat it like any other human being. In my quest for a good case for it ( super bad experience I had with dropping the phone and leaving a huge crack on the backside !), I happen to tumble upon a blog Le-Snobiety by Aashana Shroff.  She runs an e-commerce store too called ShopSnob on Facebook. I was floored the moment I saw this case. Its Vintage ! Cherry blossom flowers and a cute cage on the top brings in a feminine touch !
And guess what ! Aashna named this case " Vintage Blossom" !
I quickly dropped an email requesting my purchase and voila in an hour I get to hear form her that the case will be dispatched.  I was highly impressed by the quick reply. Within two days, I got the case delivered at home - Neatly packed to protect the case from scratches !
Let me end the suspense ! This is how my 'Vintage Blossom' looks !
photo 1
Stay Happy !