9 September 2014

Why should brides have all the fun ? Groom's guide is here !

What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say wedding? To me, the word is 'shopping' followed by decor, food, bride, fun, friends, dance,hectic etc followed by the unending list of  questions like these 'What should the bride wear for Mehendi, Sangeeth, wedding? What should be theme for sangeeth? Should we match the decor with the bride or do a contrast? Who would be the photographer? Should we place an order or do the DIY something as return gifts for guests ?'. My mind keeps wandering all over the place. And the last one on the list is 'Groom'. Quite frankly, this is how a groom shopping is.  We just go few stores which sell decent clothes for wedding - try few and pick one. That is it ! Nothing more ! I am talking here about majority of us and not about those few brides who puts lot of thought into it as well. Kudos to you girls !

More often than not, you will find everyone talking about bridal wear on all wedding websites and blogs. This could also be attributed to the fact or as the popular belief goes 'Women love shopping and men hate it'. But it is all changing. There are a wide variety of options to chose from for the grooms as well. And gone are the days when men were wearing only few colors like blue, black, grey,white, brown and beige.

The famous designers too have started to put more thought into the mens collection. Take a cue from some of these and let your man too share some spotlight with you on your wedding day ! Men - Ditch your blacks, whites and the routine dark shades and try this !

Just Kidding ! No ! Not these for sure ! You can safely now go ahead and read the rest of the post. I promise I do not suggest you to try these.

Let us take this occasion wise.

Mehendi and Sangeeth are the best occasions for comfortable dressing. You most certainly do not want to be in heavy clothes. Make it simple with no-fuss ! Try pastel shades of pink, green or yellow kurtas with white pants. This one by Rajesh Pratap Singh will be the best bet for a Mehendi. You can re-create this look by picking linen fabric from Linen Club or any of the Khadi bandars in your town.

If this is too simple, bling it up ! Shyamal and Bhumika designed the perfect outfit for you. It is a more formal look than a kurta. Ok - you can skip the shoes in the picture. For my taste, I think it is over the top. Team the outfit with beige or dark brown shoes.

Sangeeth is all about fun and dancing. Keep it as vibrant as possible. And this does not mean that it has to be uncomfortable. If you have to dance all night, keep them loose and flowy. Pick something bright ( love the pink kurta with orange coat) that either matches or contrasts with your girl's outfit. The choice is yours. Make sure you have extremely comfortable foot wear ( Keep in mind - dancing all night ! ). Do not ever ever wear new shoes to the sangeeth. Once you have picked your shoes, wear them few times before the event. I am most certain that you do not want to have shoe bite on the day of your sangeeth.

If this is too much for you to handle, try shades of blue or even a beige and gold outfit too looks fabulous in the midst of the riot of colors that happen in Sangeeth. Here is the one by Raghavendra Rathore.

And finally, for the D-Day ! Skip the sherwani's and try the dhoti's. Dhoti's made it back to fashion. And our people in the industry have made it look the best ever. A plain kurta with a jacket with subtle embroidery elevates the entire look ! And Anju Modi is on a roll ! First it was for Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela , then the leather lehanga in Lakme fashion week and then this for men in Lakme Fashion week ! And for this day, make sure the shoes are comfortable and easy to slide in. Absolutely, no to shoes with laces ( they only look good on fashion week ramps) - however good they might be ! Else, you will have to appoint someone to tie your shoe lace every single time you remove and wear them ;)

You want to take the look to a new level ? opt for these new colors. Shantanu and Nikhil twisted the regular dhoti and teamed it with a plain kurta. I totally love the colors !

If a dhotis are too experimental for you, then go for a kurta with straight pants. Little zardosi work on the shoulders will make even the plain white outfit totally groom-fit ( I invented this word !). Manish Malhotra shows us how to do it the right way.

Hope this helps in making the right choice for the groom's outfit. And if you like the entire outfit in a store but did not like some part of it, like the sleeve  length or dhoti pattern - talk to the store team. In many cases they help. Do not discard because a small part of it is not like the way you want it to be.

Do comment below what you think will be your pick from the above if it is your wedding.

If you are a bride/groom from Hyderabad and needs assistance in finding your outfits for the day, we will be more than happy to suggest the stores and accompany you through your entire process till you find the perfect one. We will be as less or as more involved as you want us to be ! For any enquiries write to andcelebrates@gmail.com

Stay Happy.

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from pinterest.