4 September 2014

The Great Indian sense of Humour

Hi Folks

All thanks to Bollywood, I have given up watching movies on big screen. I do not seem to comprehend the director's understanding of audience intelligence. I cannot skrink my IQ level for those three hours ! I conveniently shifted to YouTube to which I am now sort of addicted to. And the best part about YouTube , I watch it whenever and where ever I want to. I can pause it and if I like the video, I can watch it again. If I dont, I will skip to another. Whereas movies, grrhhhh - I am stuck to the chair for 3 hours ( sob sob !). The only thing I look forward to in the theatre is for the "Interval" to grab some popcorn.

Now that I stopped watching movies, I watch movie reviews. Yes ! By Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath. They do movie reviews by the name "Pretentious Movie Reviews" and they are hilarious. Their choice of movies is outstanding. It is tough to chose one as my favorite. In a country where everyone is so fond of software engineer jobs, these guys quit their jobs and are doing this now. How beautiful it is ! I find it truly inspiring.


Once you have watched these movie reviews, its time to head to another channel 'All India Bakchod' who tells Yashraj to lighten up and calls them hypocrites ( which they truely are of course! ). They are the ones who did the Alia Bhatt - Genius of the year video. I am glad that the younger generation in Bollywood are having some sense of humor unlike the 'stars' we have. Imran Khan too collaborated with the team and did 'Imran answers questions about being gay'.


These are the two best channels I love to watch on YouTube. I am happy that we are producing content with good substance. I am tired of bollywood and I know most of you are too. And I have no hopes on it whatsoever ! As Zoya Aktar rightly said in Koffee with Karan show "We should leave Romeo and Juliet alone". It high time that we stop putting the same content in all movies. No wonder we do not have Friends, Big Bang Theory, Suits, How I met your mother, Greys Anatomy here.

Cheers to these chaps for making videos that actually makes one laugh !

Stay Happy.